Hand Crafted Estate Wines

Tasting Notes - July, 2019


2016 Estate Syrah. Crafted as a medium-bodied wine, allowing the true tast of this Rhone varietal to exhibit its characteristic flavors of blackberry and black pepper, with a subtle floral spice notes. Stout, but soft tannins provide good structure with a smooth lingering finish. 12.7% alc

2016 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. A great example of what can be grown in the small valley along Old Julian Highway. The unique character of the terroir is beautifully expressed in this wine. Provides a taste of the currant and dark fruit, concentrated on the front of the palate, with a hint of mint. Enjoy the soft, round tannins and the silky finish. 13.2% alc

2016 Estate Tre Sorelle. A Bordeaux style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Malbec. This wine offers a mouthful of big dark fruit flavors, accented with black cherry. Firm tannins and well balanced, this wine drinks well now, but will continue to improve with aging. 13.7% alc

Estate Petite Syrah. A dark, sturdy wine with lots of backbone, offering strong plum and blackberry flavors. The sophisticated finish is silky, but the inherently big tannins result in a lingering taste on the palate. Best served at cooler temperatures between 57 and 65 degrees to bring out its characteristics. Naturally high in anti-oxidants (anthocyanin). 12.7% alc

2017 Merlot. This is a ripe, full bodied wine, providing intense plum and blackberry fruit, velvety tannins, and a long, pleasant finish. Harvested from the Hellanback Ranch Vineyards, this wine is sure to please most red wine oenophiles. 15.4% alc


2018 Angels' Cheer Rosé. This light but sturdy rosé is made from Brunello Sangiovese grapes grown at the small Vega Vineyard on the East side of the Ramona Valley. It provides crisp, clean flavors of stone fruit with hints of citrus. The natural acidity of the Sangiovese grape makes this wine an ideal partner for pairing with summer foods. 12.9% alc

2018 Estate Sauvignon Blanc. The nose subtly suggests buttered toast but delivers a delicate taste of melon with tropical and floral notes. It has a long, polished finish, making it an easy drinking wine. 12.4% alc

2018 Estate Viognier. This is a classic example of viognier (pronounced VEE-YO-NYAY), offering aromatics and flavors of peach, pears, and distinct floral notes. The taste is delicate and refined, but delivers a full-mouth experience with a round, soft finish. 12.1% alc

2018 Mélange Maison. A fancy name for a house blend of our Estate Viognier and the more obscure Picpoul Blanc from Edwards Vineyard, making this wine a classic Rhone-style blend. The Picpoul was picked ripe, giving the wine a nice golden color, rich scents, and big tropical flavors. The wine finishes long and round. 12% alc

2018 Estate Muscat Vins de Liqueur. This special white wine is sweet and fortified with local, high-proof brandy. The fruity fragrance foretells the rich fruit taste that is unique to the Muscat grape varieties. Easy to drink and may surprise those of you who claim not to like sweet wines. 19% alc

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